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Electric Dreams offers slot cars to racers in Chicago, IL. Electric Dreams has the widest selection of slot cars for shipping from our Los Angeles warehouse to Chicago or anywhere across the country. We offer the best selection of new and vintage slot cars from Scalextric, Pioneer, 1/32 Carrera, 1/24 Carrera, Cartrix, Fly, Revell , Ninco, MMK, Proto Slot Kit, NSR, Racer, SCX, 1/32 Auto Art, 1/24 Auto Art, Sloter, TSRF, Spirit, Dreamslot by Ostorero, Pink Kar and Slot.it. We proudly serve residents across the country in cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago, IL interested in slot cars, Scalextric, slot it slot cars and slot car. Call or visit Electric Dreams website today and get the slot car of your dreams!

Different Types of Slot Cars

Slot cars have always been fascinating. There isn’t just one type of slot car available, but a number of wonderful models for a hobbyist to choose from. They are exceptional pieces of quality craftsmanship. For anyone who loves automobiles, slot cars are the next best thing to actually owning a turbocharged power horse of the raceway.

These are miniatures made to look like the real car. Anyone who purchases a BRM 025 Porsche 917, Martini from us will think that it has just come off the racetrack at Monte Carlo. Others like the MMK 52 Cunningham C5R LeMans 1953 give the history of automobile racing in the design and color. We have miniatures of stock cars that have been driven on the NASCAR circuit and the minor racetracks all across America. Among the models we have are slot cars made by some of the best makers of manufacturers including Scalextric and Carrera

We have an amazing collection of slot cars and much more than that. We have car parts and race sets that a hobbyist can purchase for complete enjoyment. If a slot car needs repair, we have the tools that can be purchased to get that major wonder back in racing trim. It’s fairly safe to say that we have everything that is needed to turn a basement or recreation room into a race track that has fantastic car models zooming around the bend and down the straightaway. Slot car collecting is a fun hobby and something that both adults and children can enjoy together. It allows generations within a family to share something that is both unique and a whole lot of fun in the mix. We enjoyed being able to offer all that is needed for a wonderful time.

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